Disney Interactive recently retired a number of its mobile games on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The term “retired” was used, because some of these games won’t be pulled from online stores. However, they will no longer be supported or updated in the near future, as the company focuses on new mobile games.

That doesn't mean that some titles weren’t removed as two particular games were controversially removed without any announcement made. These games were “Star Wars: Assault Team” and “Star Wars: Tiny Death Star.”

While a Disney mobile studio developed “Assault Team”, indie developer NimbleBit made “Tiny Death Star.” What made the removal controversial was that NimbleBit wasn’t informed about it, according to GameSpot. Rather, the developer was informed by a fan who was unable to download the game from the iTunes App Store.

Pocket Gamer has also confirmed that the mobile versions of “Monkey Island” and “Monkey Island” 2 were also removed. This could be considered as a huge disappointment, since the titles were fan-favorites and were considered as some of the funniest adventure games ever released by Lucas Arts.

Other games officially given the “retired” treatment include: “Avengers Initiative,” “Avengers Alliance,” “Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon,” “Wreck-it Ralph” and much more. No refunds will be given to fans who purchased anything from the games with real money and no special offers or in-game items will be given either.

Games like “Spider-Man: Unlimited,” “Marvel: Future Fight” and “Star Wars: Uprising” are safe from the retired treatment, since they’re fairly new and have a number of updates coming soon. Whether this means that they’ll be safe from retirement in the future is currently unknown.

The move is quite similar to the ones that Konami and Sega have made earlier this year, as both companies pulled a lot of mobile games from online stores. Like Disney Interactive, this was done to focus on new games that will work on iOS 9 and above.

Fans might still be able to play some of these games if they still have them in their mobile devices and may even be able to download them again. Other mobile users may want to think about purchasing any of these retired titles as they won’t be supported anymore.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star - App Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Disney Games)


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