Is it even fair to pit MeeGo against the market that iOS and Android rule at the moment, some may ask. But, since it is here now, the new kid in town will have to face the music from its other big brothers who rule the locality at the moment.

MeeGo has just arrived and will look to upset both the platforms to gain the upper-hand, but will it be that easy? Let’s have a look.

Android gives you the option of modifying the wallpapers and re-arranging the apps on screen, which includes collectively placing them inside a folder. The widgets can also be modified, which will enable you to give the device a look and the feel you want. It is the same story with iOS where the icons can also be played around with. However, MeeGo has the same customization options with nothing new to offer as compared to the other two, and it has even adopted Android-style widgets.

Android and iOS are NOT just any other platforms but a totally new approach towards next-gen computing. A lot more is expected from both the platforms in the coming years. Nokia’s MeeGo has just arrived and one can hope that a lot of effort is put into its Linux-based operating system for it to match the success of Apple and Android-based platforms.

iOS and Android’s smooth, fluid user interface has attracted consumers globally. Both the platforms are filled with carefully built clever features. Honeycomb 3.0 and iOS 4 give you a 3D-effect graphics and a responsive multi-touch controlling option, along with onscreen menu bars and several multi-tasking options. MeeGo may look promising on tablets, but now when it has entered the smartphone arena, the stakes are high and surely neither Google nor Apple will want to lose the upper hand.

Android came in at a time when Symbian was dying a slow death. iOS came way before that. Both the platforms achieved success in the market at a peak time. Now, MeeGo has come in to counter the popularity of these OSs, but has decided to take on them when they are at their strongest. Tough competition is what Nokia can expect at the moment and the company may not see the initial success that they are looking for.