Dolly Parton has revealed how she makes decisions regarding her career.

Despite spending several decades in the limelight, the 76-year-old Grammy Award winner feels there is still room for accomplishing new things and she is not stopping anytime soon.

"I always wanted to be a star and I wanted my dreams to come true and they did and there is always a dream within a dream…My dreams have come true so I have to keep them alive," she said in the "Worklife" podcast with Adam Grant. "Every day, something new comes up and I have to get in there and be there. I can't leave that in the hands of other people. I have to be there to make sure it is being done that I want it to be done."

The country music superstar also prefers beings called a "professionalist" rather than a perfectionist. Parton said she works hard but she also makes room for mistakes while making songs.

"It sounds like perfectionism but there's a big difference. I'm a 'professionalist,'" she emphasized. "If I mess up, I just let that be a part of the show. I know some people who are perfectionists and drive you to the wall. I like to enjoy my work."

In the podcast, Parton also talked about her creative experience while writing the novel "Run, Rose, Run" with suspense author James Patterson.

The singer said she felt very "comfortable" working with Patterson in the book. It tells the story of a rising musical star, who will be confronted by danger as she seeks fame in Nashville.

"The process was pretty comfortable when we decided to work...I would send lyrics to the song…he would incorporate a lot of my lyrics with certain characters and situations. It turned out even better than what we thought," Parton told Grant.

The "9 to 5" recording artist also spoke about a piece of advice she received from someone regarding her look, which she ignored. She was told to change her hair and the way she dresses up so she would not look "cheap."

Parton said she wanted to "match" her look with her personality. "I wasn't a natural beauty. So, I just like to look the way I look. I'm so outgoing inside in my personality, that I need the way I look to match all of that," she explained.

Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton is pictured attending the attends the 61st Annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 10, 2019, in Los Angeles. Neilson Barnard/Getty Images