At the World Wide Developer’s Conference in 2015, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering Craig Federighi demoed new ways for DoorDash customers to place orders directly from the iMessage app.

Now that Apple has officially rolled out the new iMessage for iOS 10, DoorDash, the popular food delivery app, has announced the new DoorDash app for iOS. The new DoorDash app for iOS makes it easy to order in lunch with coworkers, plan pre-football tailgate and order dinner for the family, directly from an existing iMessage group chat.

“Since the launch of DoorDash for iMessage, we’ve seen many groups of friends and families taking advantage of this quick and easy way to collect group orders so everyone gets exactly what they want,” Eitan Bencuya, spokesperson for DoorDash told IBTimes. “DoorDash for iMessage provides a convenient way for each member of a group to make their food selections within one order on DoorDash. As you might expect, the times of day immediately preceding mealtimes (when people are planning ahead for larger group meals) are some of the most popular times of day for our customers to place group orders using DoorDash for iMessage.”

How do you order food within the new DoorDash app for iOS?

To order food within the new DoorDash app for iOS, you’ll need to make sure you have the DoorDash app enabled for iMessage. To do this, click on the App Store icon in iMessage, select add a store, and then under the ‘manage’ tab you can turn the DoorDash app ‘on.’

Once the app has been installed into iMessage, you’ll need to create a new group message, click on the App Store icon and choose DoorDash to see a list of restaurants, just like you would by browsing the DoorDash mobile app.

By opening the chat bubble, users who already have the DoorDash app will be taken to the store’s menu page, where they can browse and items to the group order.  Users can send updates (ex: Mike added 3 items), to all participants by updating the group chat. For participants who don’t have the DoorDash app will be asked to download it directly in iMessage so they can proceed to add items to the group order. Once the food order has been added to the car, the creator of the group can easily submit the order.

What types of food are most commonly ordered through DoorDash? In 2015, the most ordered category across the country was American food. From burgers and fries to bistro salads and sandwiches, American food was three times more popular with DoorDash compared to Mexican food or pizza. While the Big Apple is known for having some of the best pizza, it’s pretty low in popularity on DoorDash, with New Yorkers going for tasty treats like Ice Cream. When it comes to the S.F. Bay Area, the most ordered item was the burrito, while Chicagoans were all about the hot dogs.