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In today's fast-paced and technology-driven world, people want the service to be fast, efficient, and as soon as possible. While people often think this is reserved for a handful of industries (e.g., retail, hospitality, food, and delivery), no industry is immune, especially healthcare and its patients.

Dr. Cameron Lewis
Dr. Cameron Lewis Dr. Cameron Lewis

Even though they are called patients, patience is not their virtue. But as Cameron Lewis points out, they can't afford to be patient. After all, they are in pain and only want to get better.

"A healthy person has thousands of wishes, but a sick person has only one – to be healthy again," he says.

Dr. Cameron Lewis is an unconventional healthcare worker. An oral surgeon who brings a smile back to people's faces by traveling across the United States.

Dr. Lewis goes from city to city, community to community, dental office to dental office, and above and beyond to help those in need. Some called him crazy for choosing an unorthodox way to practice dental medicine. However, he had plenty of reasons to do so.

It's Cheaper than Traditional Practice

Every business requires money to stay open, but opening a dental office can be quite expensive. A dental practice must be filled with highly specialized equipment that can cost a fortune to acquire. With his choice of being a "guest" at other dental offices, Cameron Lewis doesn't have to worry about paying office rent, employees, and overheads.

"I travel around and bring my services to different general dentist offices," he says. "I go to different locations such as Greenwich, Connecticut, Northern Westchester, etc. And if they need my services, they pay me for what I do. It's also easier for the dental office since they don't have to keep an oral surgeon on the payroll but only when they need the essential service."

He Gets to Help More People

In 2001, Dr. Lewis was striving to become a doctor and went on a humanitarian mission to South Africa. Young and unprepared, he was unaware of how bad the situation was. He ended up as an aide in an emergency room with no air conditioners, and the waiting room was packed to the brim around the clock.

"It was horrible. I was looking at those people in pain. But I noticed that many of them were holding their mouth," he says. "And over the months I've been there, I started noticing that I would often see the same people coming there for weeks hoping they would get to the dentist's office this time."

The dentist worked there only once a week for just six hours. He could only handle a couple of patients, and the rest were doomed to wait in agonizing pain until the next time. It was an excruciating experience for Dr. Lewis as well. His hands were tied because he had no necessary knowledge and couldn't help those people.

"That's when I vowed to become a dentist, and I wanted to help as many people as possible. So, when I finally finished dental school and oral surgery specialization afterward, the natural course was to open my office," he says. But he realized that he wouldn't be able to reach many people with that choice, so he opted to become a traveling Oral Surgeon instead.

"I'm a huge believer and a big giver. God blessed me to become a doctor, but at the same time, He gave me a responsibility to help people around me," says Lewis." That's why I decided to put my knowledge and skills 'on wheels' to reach as many people as possible."