Dragon Dogma
Capcom just revealed that “Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen” is coming to the PS4 and Xbox One soon. Steam/Capcom

Capcom is re-releasing “Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen” this fall. This time, the game is slated to come to video game consoles.

Surprise, surprise! Capcom has finally decided to release its action role-playing game “Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen” for Microsoft and Sony’s newer gaming consoles. The Japanese video game developer announced the good news this Monday via the official Twitter account of the game. “Reclaim your heart in the epic Action RPG ‘Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen’. Coming to PS4 and XB1 this fall,” the company’s tweet read.

Fans immediately expressed their happiness over the re-release of the 5-year-old video game. “This is my favorite game of all time! I played it numerous times on Xbox 360. I now have a chance to enjoy it again on the PS4. Tank you,” Twitter user @Travo9486 wrote. “One game I never got a copy of looks really good so this will be a purchase for me,” user @paulgreenslade quipped.

On the other hand, many fans have also asked Capcom for a sequel to the game. “I am very, super, extremely happy. HOWEVER, I have finished it several times on PS3, X360 and PC. Realistically, I’d prefer a sequel,” user @BladeKnight stated. “Can you all please make a sequel?” @Gyloir asked.

Dragon Dogma Dark Arisen
Dark Arisen screenshot Steam/Capcom

“Dragon’s Dogma” Sequel

According to Eurogamer, Capcom has yet to come up with a new game in the series. What the company has released so far was “Dragon’s Dogma Online,” which is not considered by many as a sequel to the action RPG. Also, it is only available in Japan. By the way, the Xbox One and PS4 re-release of “Dark Arisen” will also be limited to Japan at launch. Capcom has yet to provide official word on the North American and European release of the game’s newer console version. The company has also not divulged whether an official sequel is in the works.

What Will The New Port Include?

Siliconera reports that the upcoming “Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen” will come with the re-release version of the main game and the “Dark Arisen” expansion, which was originally released in April 2013. In addition, all original content of the game, a new set of quests and the new “Bitterblack Isle” area will come with the new version. Other details will be revealed via this week’s Japanese video game magazine, Famitsu.

Dragon Dogma Dark Arisen 2
Dark Arisen screenshot 2 Steam/Capcom

What Is “Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen” About?

The official description of the RPG states that it is a huge open world game that offers a rewarding action combat experience. In this game, players explore a living world with the help of three AI companions called Pawns. Players do not need to worry about their Pawns since these alliances are designed to fight independently when engaging in combats with enemies. Pawns have specific skills and abilities, and players can borrow those that they need for certain challenging quests.

In the game, players get to choose their preferred vocation. They can be a Fighter, Mage, Warrior, Strider, Assassin, Sorcerer, Ranger, Mystic Knight or a Magic Archer. Plot-wise, the original game follows the adventure of a knight named Savan who is determined to fight the beasts in the world he is living in. Meanwhile, the “Dark Arisen” expansion comes with a new zone that players can explore as they embark on their own journey.

Main Features Of “Dark Arisen” Explained

Capcom has listed the various features of the action-packed video game. As indicated in this list, the game offers a dynamic combat experience wherein players are free to attack creatures like hydras and dragons to identify their weaknesses. Also mentioned is the range of customization options players can do in the game, such as choosing their character’s skills, upgrading armors and even training their Pawn companions. Check out the other features on the game’s Steam page.