far cry 5
'Far Cry 5' will be set in Montana. Ubisoft

The Far Cry series has headed everywhere from tropical islands to the Stone Age, but its next entry is headed somewhere unexpected: Montana. Developer Ubisoft released a handful of teasers Monday for Far Cry 5, the latest entry in the long-running first-person shooter series. The teasers come in advance of an upcoming gameplay reveal May 26.

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While the teasers are brief, they give some hints about where Far Cry 5 is headed and what it wants to do. Most notably, signs in each of the teasers disprove the online speculation the game would be a traditional western like Red Dead Redemption from developer Rockstar Games. The teasers are set in various wide-open outdoor spaces throughout the Mountain West, but in the backdrop, you can see elements like power lines and road lights.

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All four teasers also feature a “Fargo”-like macabre tone to them. In the first, the camera pans along an idyllic forest stream before a corpse floats by near the bottom of the frame. In the second teaser, a man starts running through an empty field before getting shot in the back. In the third teaser, the camera zooms past a church where a bell is being rung using a man’s head. In the fourth teaser, a similar shot of a forest in the distance is punctuated by a screaming man, sending up a flock of birds.

The teaser’s details also line up with a report earlier this month from the Great Falls Tribune in Montana. According to the report, a film crew working on an unnamed video game sequel in Poplar, Montana, shot some footage near an area church.

"Monday, crew members used a drone that repeatedly flew by the belfry filming a man fighting with another man near a hanging bell as a train rolled by on the tracks a half-mile away. The footage mostly will be used for promotion of the video game.

"The fiberglass bell built specifically for the scene was shipped to Montana via airplane.

"Producers couldn’t release the name of the video game but said production areas for it stretched more than 5,000 miles from California to Montana.

“ 'This is a sequel to an existing global franchise,' ” said Los Angeles-based producer Jeff Guillot, who came to the reservation with 11 other crew members from Paris, Los Angeles and Bozeman [Montana].

As one of Ubisoft’s flagship first person shooter series, the Far Cry franchise has been a source of regular interest for the developer. The series most recently saw 2016’s Far Cry: Primal, which was set in the Stone Age and put the player into the role of a prehistoric hunter.