Social media users speculated that Meek Mill's latest Instagram messages were linked to his feud with Drake. GETTY IMAGES/MARCUS INGRAM/BACARDI

Meek Mill took to his Instagram account Wednesday to post some pictures from his recent visit to a charity, along with some captions, which fans speculated were aimed at getting sympathy over his feud with Drake. Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend was blasted by several social media users for losing in his fight with Drake.

“I don't need no one to pat my back ..... Do it from the heart or it don't count,” Mill captioned one photo. He captioned another photo: “I could give my all and they still won't love me back.”

Although it was not clear what Mill wanted to convey through these messages, social media users linked the posts to his rival Drake.

“You watching Drake up in his throne,” one user wrote. “But you needed Drake to pat you on the back... That's why you were so mad this summer oops,” another user wrote.

A third wrote in the comments section of the picture: “He lost a rap beef to drake l(L) That diss track might get a Grammy (L) his attempt to end drake career by exposing him back fired and made drake more successful (L) meek diss track was garbage (L) he about to go back to jail (L) he a living parody (L) the only (w) he had this year was Nicki.”

Some users also branded Mill as “fake,” praising Drake for his win in the feud after his diss track “Back To Back” received a Grammy nomination.

Mill and Drake got into a public spat in July after the "All Eyes on You" rapper took to Twitter and told people not to compare him with Drake because he doesn't write his own rap songs. Drake responded with two diss songs, “Charged Up” and “Back to Back.” Mill later fired back at Drake with "Wanna Know."

However, it seems Drake hardly cares about his feud with Mill anymore. A video surfaced online Tuesday showing Drake laughing at one of Mill’s fans who dissed him at a Los Angeles Clippers game Monday.

“Drake! Drake! You ain’t Meek Mill! Meek Mill! Meek Mill! Meek Mill! Meek Mill! Meek Mill!” the fan shouted. But the Canadian rapper did not bother to respond to the heckling and just laughed.