Drake and Joe Budden
Check out a timeline of Drake and Joe Budden's beef. Pictured: Drake at the Serena Williams Signature Statement by HSN show in New York City on Sept. 15, 2015, and Joe Budden at the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta, Georgia on Sept. 29, 2012. Getty Images/Grant Lamos IV, Chris McKay

Another summer, another beef for Drake. While Drake spent much of summer 2015 feuding with Meek Mill, 2016 has seen Drizzy feuding with New Jersey rapper, Joe Budden. Although the feud may have slowed down and come to an end, it did give us memorable songs and events. Check out this timeline of the rapper's feud.

May 2016: Joe Budden Gives His Views On “Views”

To see where the feud between Joe Budden and Drake started, we only have to go back a few months to when Joe Budden gave his review of Drake’s latest album, “Views.” During his podcast, Budden said Drake sounded “uninspired” on the album and said Drake has not progressed as an artist.

May 2016: “No Shopping” Leaks Online

Although French Montana and Drake’s collaboration “No Shopping” would officially release in July, a snippet of the song hit the internet in May. In the snippet, Drake can be heard saying, “Pump, pump, pump it up,” a reference to Joe Budden’s 2003 hit song “Pump It Up.” It was that line that set Budden off, and led to Budden preparing two diss tracks for Drake.

June 2016: Drake Throws Shots On “4PM In Calabasas”?

While “No Shopping” had yet to officially release, Drake released another song called “4PM In Calabasas.” The song featured obvious shots towards Diddy ("Even had the OG's tryna press me / Ha-ha-ha-ha / No way out cause I'm already in it"), but Budden also believed Drake was dissing him. “If fans think that Drake is as great as I think he is,” said Budden. “What are they listening to if they can’t hear that kid directly speaking to me?”

July 2016: A Murderer Is Made

For the first time in two months, we finally got one of the rapper’s to explicitly call out the other. After hearing “No Shopping” and “4PM In Calabasas,” Budden released his first Drake diss track titled “Making A Murderer Part 1.” In the song, Budden made references to Meek Mill, the ghostwriting allegations against Drake and Drake’s past relationships.

July 2016: Budden Releases Another Diss

It had been five days since Budden released his first Drake diss track and the “6 God” had yet to respond. Growing impatient, Budden released another diss called “Wake.” In “Wake,” Budden got even more aggressive with Drake, rapping about his unwillingness to battle other rappers, claiming Drake stole music from his artists and even saying Drake uses other artists to advance his career. “Why you ain't do that vid with Fetty but you hopped on the song? / No really, we want a Party album / But you keep stealing all of Party's album,” Budden says on “Wake.”

July 2016: “No Shopping” Is Released

With “No Shopping” officially released, fans got to hear Drake’s full verse which clearly featured a few shots at Budden. “I’m not a one hit wonder they know all my stuff,” raps Drake. While French Montana said Drake’s verse wasn’t a diss, fans don’t believe it.

July 2016: A Third Diss Track Is Released

Just hours after the release of “No Shopping,” Budden released his third diss track. This time, Budden sampled Drake’s hook from his 2010 song “The Resistance.”

August 2016: Eminem Prepares A Drake Diss Track?

The feud took an interesting turn when Hot 97 personality, Ebro Darden, said the head of Joe Budden’s record label, Eminem, was preparing his own diss track for Drake. Unfortunately for Eminem fans who were hoping to hear an Eminem diss track, the story turned out to be made up by Ebro. “Facts we was joking… Talked about in jest & fools jumped out the window. I ain't even think it was a big deal,” he tweeted.

August 2016: Drake Brings Out Eminem

Even though a beef between the two was fake, Drake still proved any doubters wrong and brought Eminem on stage with him during a show in Detroit. While the two rappers have previously worked together on the song “Forever,” the move could be seen as Eminem choosing sides in the Drake-Joe Budden battle.

August 2016: The Beef Is Over?

In a now-deleted podcast, Budden called Drake “insecure” and said it was “pointless” to continue dissing the Toronto rapper. “He’s very insecure,” Budden said. “If I’m Drake, I’ve built my entire empire off said insecurity. So why would I want to get rid of it? I wouldn’t. That’s exactly why I stopped dissing him. It was pointless.”