Draw Something wouldn't be a proper Zynga property if it wasn't optimized to be spread virally through social networks. Thanks to a recent update to the game, Draw Something has added a social network-sharing feature in addition to an in-game chat and photo-capturing capabilities.

Draw Something's first Zynga-led update brings several new features to the popular iOS and Android-versions of the game including the ability to add comments after a game is finished. The drawn image that has been commented on can then be saved to a person's photo library.

The update also allows Draw Something players can also use an undo feature to quickly remove the latest line they've drawn rather than having to choose the eraser and frantically wipe away the image they've just drawn. Expert players will be happy to hear that the maximum number of rounds has been capped at 999, up from 99 rounds.

One of the biggest changes to the game is the ability to share a drawing on Twitter or Facebook after a round has been completed. Many players had already been circumventing the missing feature by taking screen captures of their phone's screen after a game was complete, then posting the photo on social networks. The features added in the Draw Something update will streamline the sharing process.

OMGPOP, the maker of Draw Something that was recently bought by Zynga, has been impressed by how involved many players of the game have become. We've been completely blown away by how the world has responded to Draw Something, said OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter in a Mashable interview. Our players continue to make the game their own and we want to help them do just that by giving them what they've asked for -- more ways to share and connect with their friends. We're always focused on making Draw Something the most fun and social experience possible for our players.