Evolution Studios has given a new set of teasers for its upcoming update for “Driveclub.” It appears that customization is given the front seat in the “Driveclub” December update.

The latest over on “Driveclub” Game Director Paul Rustchynsky’s official Twitter account confirmed additional custom slots added for customization in “Driveclub.” There will be three more slots for Flake, Flip and Chrome each, as well as 16 for standard paints. Evolution Studios Community Manager Jamie Brayshaw also tweeted that Chrome Paints will come to “Driveclub” with the December update.

Apart from the newly confirmed additions, Rustchynsky has also teased a couple of new information for the much-touted tire deformation, both in screenshots and a short video. This has been one of the aesthetic details that will be added to “Driveclub,” Gamingbolt reported. Rustchynsky has yet to confirm if it will be part of the December update.

The developer has emphasized that the tire deformation feature is strictly aesthetics, as it has already incorporated any physics-related features in the game. Rustchynsky added that this feature will benefit those who are either very attentive to detail or make it a habit to capture great photos in “Driveclub.”

In another update, Rustchynsky also mentioned that they are not planning to deliver any handling changes with the new update. DualShockers spotted another tweet, where the game director replied to a fan query, confirming that they are no plans for such changes.

However, Evolution Studios’ December update for “Driveclub” will bring more than just aesthetic improvements. According to Rustchynsky, the team is developing new tracks for “Driveclub.” In addition, elite levels will undergo some changes, though no specific details were given as of the moment.

In a series of tweets released earlier, Rustchynsky revealed that the Self Shadowing Parallax Occlusion Mapping and new cars will arrive with the update. Evolution Studios has promise to detail the features that will come with the update. With December already here, it may not be long until a changelog finds its way on the official Facebook page for “Driveclub.”

"Driveclub" trailer (Credit: YouTube/GamesHQMedia)