DropBox DropBox

HTC's Android smartphones will have access to Dropbox for extra storage space, but only new devices will come pre-loaded with the free app.

Dropbox offers 2GB of free storage, but HTC customers will now get an extra 3GB on HTC's Android devices. For some users, 5GB might sound like a lot of storage and for others it might not be enough.

With, Dropbox on its Android phones, HTC is in a better place to compete more fully with the iPhone 4S that has cloud storage through iCloud. There are two main differences between what Dropbox can do and what iCloud can do. With Dropbox, you can sync documents. Not so with iCloud. However, iCloud does have iTunes Match that stores music from CD's and iTunes, and lets you sync it to all iOS devices. Dropbox definitely doesn't have that.

HTC is actually playing catch-up here because even Microsoft offers Windows Phone users cloud storage. They've paired up with SkyDrive to give users 25 GB of free space.

In other HTC news, a huge security vulnerability in several HTC phones may finally be fixable. Some HTC devices are in fact getting an OTA update that patches the leak, tech blog Android Police reported. Sprint's EVO Design 4G, EVO 4G and EVO 3D are all getting fixed. Thunderbolt devices will get the patch as part of the newest Gingerbread update. Go to the Settings menu and hit About Phone then System Update, and then HTC software update to see if your device will get the OTA.

For the Thunderbolt, the update should include a new download manager app, power management details and a bluetooth security patch. The fix also includes less force closing when using the front facing camera and three new shortcuts, Gallery, Music and Calender.

Tell us in the comments if you've gotten your update or if you think the Dropbox add on is a great thing.