Minnesota gets cold, sometimes lethally cold.

One of the ways to cope with the cold is to drink beer, which is why one Minnesota-based brewing company employed drones to get beverages to local residents without making them brave the frigid northern weather.

Lakemaid Beer posted a video to YouTube showing an unmanned aircraft successfully delivering a 12-pack of Lakemade Winter Lager to some ice fishers. The video marks the first time that a done was used to deliver beer.

The video inspired some controversy online. Beer drinkers have embraced the technology and have asked their local brewers if they could do something similar. Others argued that Lakemaid is trivializing a technology that can be used by the government for surveillance.

Other's doubted that the video was even real, saying drones couldn't carry the weight of a 12-pack full of beer.

Unfortunately, it's most likely not even legal to deliver beer with a drone. The Federal Aviation Administration has not ruled that drone delivery is illegal, but has set down some restrictions. Drones are not allowed to flying over popular areas or below 400 feet, and the aircraft must weigh less than 55 pounds.

The FAA also stated that drones may not be used for commercial purposes, which Lakemaid's drone system clearly violated. Lakemaid has been given a cease and desist order by the FAA, meaning this 12-pack may be the first and last case of beer delivered for a while.

The FAA has said it will review these policies in 2015, so it could be possible in the future. For now, Minnesota residents will have to continue braving the cold for their beer.

At least it’s above freezing temperatures in Minneapolis for St. Patrick’s Day.

The International Business Times has reached out the Lakemaid for a comment, and will update this article.