While not as popular as his good friend Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and his supporting cast have managed to gain their own fanbase, particularly with the Disney cartoon “Duck Tales.” Soon fans will be able to use Donald, Scrooge and other characters in a new card-based role playing game (RPG) called “The Duckforce Rises,” which is currently in soft launch but will get a worldwide release soon.

“Duckforce Rises” takes place in Duckburg, where characters like Donald, Scrooge, Daisy, Huey, Dewey and Louie live. While the land had mostly been peaceful, various villains soon attack it across the Disney Universe, including Magica De Spell, The Beagle Boys and Valkyrie Duck, as reported by Pocket Gamer. Naturally, it’s up to Donald and his uncle Scrooge to take on the forces of evil and restore peace to Duckburg.

The gameplay seems to have caught many off guard, including Phone Reviews, which said it didn’t expect Disney to release a free-to-play title that mixed card battling with some surprising RPG elements. Most of the gameplay for “Duckforce Rises” has players participating in a number of turn-based battles where they can use three cards to attack, defend or even boost the stats of a party member.

Between battles lies a Hero manager, which lets fans take a breather and upgrade character cards as well as unlock other characters to use in battle. Gyro Gearloose, who has appeared in other Disney cartoons, is in this mode as well, as he’s the one who gives the players instructions on how to do certain things in the game.

The game reportedly will be a fair freemium game, though in-app purchases (IAP) haven’t been detailed yet. Considering that it’s a free-to-play RPG, players will likely have the option of obtaining new characters through gameplay or simply getting them through an IAP.

“The Duckforce Rises” is currently in soft launch mode and is available for download in the New Zealand and Australian App Store. 

The Duckforce Rises (by Disney / Sanoma Media Finland) - iOS / Android - HD Gameplay Trailer (Credit: YouTube/TouchGameplay)