It’s been a thrilling season so far on “Dancing with the Stars” based on the level of competition from the Season 27 teams have brought to the floor. Still, despite all of the hard work and slew of mostly impressive scores from the judges, another team will be forced to say goodbye at the end of Week 4’s “Trios” competition.

Week 4 of the ABC series will see the remaining 10 teams bringing a guest of their choice to perform their routine with them. While some of the teams have opted for former “DWTS” competitors and champions, this season, they also have an option to bring someone else with no experience on the show to compete alongside them. Still, regardless of how well their routine plays out, whichever team fails to have the highest combined total of judges scores from the night and viewer votes from week 3 will be saying goodbye.

As for which team is most likely to say goodbye, a few seem to have a more likely chance than the others of sticking around.

When it comes to the judge’s scores, the most likely team to be eliminated remains as Team CHECKusOUT, “Bachelor Pad” star Joe Amabile and reigning champ Jenna Johnson. When compared to the scores the remaining competitors have earned, he doesn’t compare. While he has improved over the weeks, it’s not enough to justify his still being there as teams who performed better find themselves knocked out of the competition. If his best scores only hit the 20-21 point range going forward while almost everyone else is earning 27-30 points, he will eventually find himself out.

Of course, his fanbase is still extraordinarily passionate and is likely keeping him in through their votes. While those may not last forever, the base could be strong enough to still keep him in the competition for another week or two, allowing some of the other teams who have skewed lower with their average scores to be cut loose. If that same pattern emerges this week, that puts John Schneider and Emma Slater most at risk of elimination.

Not only are John and Emma often near the bottom of the leaderboard with the judges, but they have also found themselves in jeopardy before. They have a decent fan base, but it isn’t likely as strong as the one Bachelor Nation affords Joe.

Of course, being in Jeopardy isn’t always something that means a team is in the bottom two, but it doesn’t always bode well for their future on the show either. With that in mind, there’s also a good chance that top Mirrorball contenders Tinashe and Brandon Armstrong are also possibly at risk of elimination. They seem like a longshot to be kicked out, but it wouldn’t be the first time a team that scores well finds themselves lacking the necessary viewer votes to keep going on.

“Dancing With the Stars” Season 27 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.