• Parkour XP is earned by performing parkour actions throughout the environment
  • Combat XP is earned by fighting zombies and bandits
  • Nighttime increases all XP gains by roughly 20%

Experience points can be earned by doing almost anything in “Dying Light 2” provided that they’re related to either combat or parkour.

Leveling up quickly in Techland’s zombie RPG game can be done naturally by paying attention to the many activities and XP-boosting systems available. However, the leveling process can be progressed even faster if “Dying Light 2” players know what to do and where to go.

Parkour XP Farm

Simply running around and jumping over every possible obstacle is by no means a reliable way of actively farming for Parkour XP. However, using special Parkour abilities over large gaps seems to reward tons of experience points, and this can be abused to great effect.

YouTuber Idicus found an excellent Parkour XP farming spot in the Horseshoe district of Villedor.

Search for this rooftop area that had four small fences facing each other. Use the nearby trader camp as a reference for finding this spot.

Jump back and forth between this gap to earn Parkour XP fast - Dying Light 2
Jump back and forth between this gap to earn Parkour XP fast Dying Light 2

After reaching the area, repeatedly jump between the rooftops while using the fences as a springboard for the Far Jump parkour skill. Each successful use of this skill should reward players anywhere between 80 to 200 XP if they’re running at night.

To get even more gains, kick a nearby Screamer to get bonus Chase XP. Make sure to retreat to the trader camp once Volatiles start spawning as getting killed will cause earned Chase XP to disappear.

Parkour XP farming location in Dying Light 2
Parkour XP farming location in Dying Light 2 Dying Light 2

Combat XP Farm

Players can roam Villedor at night in search of combat encounters to earn some easy Combat XP. Noteworthy infected will be highlighted with a blue icon above their heads, and defeating them will reward more XP than usual.

Alternatively, players can kick a Screamer again to force Volatiles to spawn. They sometimes appear from vents on rooftops, and they can be spawn camped for easy XP. The same goes for normal infected runners.

Once the Volatiles stop spawning, jump off the rooftop and hop back onto it again. The vents should start spewing Volatiles again afterward.

GRE Anomalies are also great one-shot sources of Combat XP, but mostly because they also reward players with other goodies like weapons and Inhibitors.