• "Dying Light 2" rewards players with loot and upgrades for explorations
  • Health and stamina can be increased using inhibitors
  • Inhibitors are found in GRE caches

Having high health and stamina pools are crucial in “Dying Light 2.” Players will need to steadily increase these stats as they go through the game, though this might be easier said than done. Neither health nor stamina can be increased by simply pumping attribute points, which means players will have to put in a bit more effort if they want to upgrade their character.

To upgrade either of these stats, players will need to use inhibitors. These items can be found randomly across the world, forcing players to explore the many places that make up the city of Villedor. Players will naturally come across inhibitors as they run around the map, but actively hunting down these items might get tedious if done without a clear strategy in mind.

The player’s GRE key will notify them if they happen to stumble across a nearby cache. This can be used to pinpoint the cache’s location.

There are two ways to actively look for inhibitors: complete GRE Anomalies or explore named areas.

Parkour and exploration are heavily incentivized in Dying Light 2
Parkour and exploration are heavily incentivized in Dying Light 2 Dying Light 2

GRE Anomalies can be found across the map, and they will have players fight a bunch of zombies and a Revenant. Completing the challenge will reward players with Combat XP, a GRE cache containing an inhibitor and other interesting loot.

Before taking on an anomaly, make sure to have the best possible gear equipped. The difficulty of an anomaly depends on its listed level, with higher numbers equating to harder enemies. Additionally, make sure to come loaded with supplies like medkits, munitions and some form of UV light or immunity booster.

Alternatively, players can explore the many named locations around Villedor in hopes of finding caches. These areas typically contain GRE crates, but it might take some time before the player’s key can detect them. This method might not be as efficient as the previous one, but it’s worth keeping in mind, especially for players who love to explore uncharted territory.

Inhibitors can be used in the Skills menu, and players will have to choose between upgrading either their health or stamina. Upgrading the latter is recommended, as it allows players to run for longer and dodge more often, which can save them from taking any damage altogether.