• Weapons can be repaired by installing mods on them
  • The Korek charm can be used to repair almost any weapon in the game
  • The charm is part of a secret area hidden by the developers

As good as a weapon might be in “Dying Light 2,” they won’t last forever. Every melee weapon in the game only has a certain number of hits that it can take before it eventually breaks and becomes unusable.

This means that even the shiniest of sticks won’t be able to stay by a player’s side indefinitely. However, there are some steps that can be taken to make that last at least a little bit longer.

How to fix weapons

Unfortunately, there’s no direct way to repair weapons in “Dying Light 2,” unlike in the first game. There are no repair kits this time around, and no vendor in Villedor can fix weapons for anyone.

The only way to bring some points back into a weapon’s durability bar is to install mods. Even basic mods like Voltage will restore a bit of durability, and fully modding a weapon can repair up to 150 points in total across three mod slots.

How to get infinite durability

Installing mods is the intended way to repair items. However, there is one more method that players can do to gain virtually unlimited durability for their items.

This method involves using the Korek charm, which gives +500 Durability every time it is installed onto a weapon. It can be removed and reinstalled or placed on another item.

To get this charm, players will have to reach the top of the VNC Tower, which is best done after the Broadcast main story quest.

The VNC Tower can be found in the central part of the Garrison district - Dying Light 2
The VNC Tower can be found in the central part of the Garrison district Dying Light 2

Go to the rooftop and look for a tall building with a large antenna. Glide towards it, and then look for a power substation. Grab the power cord, and look for a plank that’s slightly leering toward one of the building’s edges.

Drop down below the plank, grab onto the nearby ledge and then hook the power cable to the nearby substation. Grab another cable from the next substation on the same floor, and then repeat the process while using the planks as a guide on where to drop down.

Do this until all substations are powered. Then, interact with the terminal next to the last substation and open the door. Kill the zombie down the hall afterward.

Once inside the office, sit on every seat available. This will cause the Korek charm to appear on the coffee table in the middle of the room.