• The first bow is given to players after finishing a story quest
  • Other bows will be obtained later in the main campaign
  • Players can get the PK Crossbow if they decide to give substations to Peacekeepers

Bows are the first true ranged weapons that players will get access to in “Dying Light 2.” They’re great for taking out priority targets silently from a distance, making them ideal for stealthy players who prefer to attack Bandit Outposts or infected nests without drawing attention.

Once enough points are invested into the Combat skill tree, bows can be used seamlessly with parkour moves like slides, tic tacs, wall runs and more. Skilled players can pull off some fancy archery in the later stages of the game, but only once they actually find a bow to use in the first place.

Where to find bows

The first bow players will likely get is the Pipe Bow. As its name implies, it’s nothing fancy – a long piece of wood reinforced by a pipe in the middle for added draw tension. Still, it does its purpose well, especially during the time players actually get it.

The Pipe Bow is given to players by Lawan after they finish the “Lets Waltz” quest. This is fairly late into the first act of the game, and players will need to sink in a few hours of playtime before they reach it. This mission is fairly lengthy as well, but the payoff at the end is well worth it.

Bows can be used to stealthily take down targets with a well-placed headshot - Dying Light 2
Bows can be used to stealthily take down targets with a well-placed headshot Dying Light 2

Later in the game, players may stumble upon Rust, which is an Artifact-tier bow that is sometimes sold by traders. Either spend money on the bow or get it for free on the steeple of the church at Saint Paul Island.

The two other bows in the game are given to the player as quest rewards. The Paper Clip can be obtained by finishing The Shoe quest from Lawan. Meanwhile, Nails can be obtained by doing the Veronika quest. Both of these are story missions, so they’re impossible to miss unless players are actively avoiding the campaign.

Though technically not a bow, players can get the PK Crossbow from the Peacekeepers by diverting four substations to them instead of the Survivors. The crossbow is arguably the best ranged weapon in the game thanks to its ammunition variety and high damage output.