• The Grappling Hook is a Nightrunner tool that lets players swing through rooftops and climb tall structures
  • It can be obtained by finishing the Broadcast story mission
  • Enemies cannot be hit with the Grappling Hook

The Nightrunner tools in “Dying Light 2” open up tons of new ways to explore Villedor outside of Aiden’s raw Parkour skills, and no other item defines this better than the Grappling Hook.

Much like the Paraglider, the hook unlocks plenty of previously-unreachable areas throughout the city. This gives players a large incentive to go back and revisit some old areas in hopes of getting into a secret room filled with goodies.

As exciting as the Grappling Hook sounds, it is fortunately available just by going through the game normally. No secret areas to reach or easter eggs to discover for this one.

How to get the Grappling Hook

Similar to the other Nightrunner tools, the Grappling Hook is locked behind the main campaign. In this case, players need to play the Broadcast mission, which will have Aiden transmitting a radio signal for the Peacekeepers in order to get some fresh recruits into Villedor.

The mission is rather lengthy, but it’s nothing that players aren’t used to by this point. Here’s a quick breakdown of the objectives:

  • Speak to Jack, Juan, Rowe, Frank and Lawan at the Fish Eye bar
  • Restore power to the Garrison Electrical Station
    • Tip: Power the generator on the first floor and the one in the basement
    • Bonus tip: Safe code is 314
  • Enter VNC Tower
  • Find Rowe’s Men
  • Restore power to the tower
  • Fight through zombies
  • Get to the elevator and grab the Grappling Hook

At this point, the mission will be halfway done. Players will still need to get up to the roof and mount a transmitter on the radio tower, but the Grappling Hook will be safe in their hands by then. The mission still needs to be completed before the tool can be used in the open world.

Keep in mind that the Grappling Hook in “Dying Light 2” works somewhat realistically. Unlike similar tools in other games that cause players to zip toward a spot in a straight line, the Grappling Hook here lets users swing in an arc.

Unfortunately, the hook can’t be used as a weapon against enemies. It will latch onto solid surfaces.

Deadlier zombies appear at night or inside dark, abandoned buildings - Dying Light 2
Deadlier zombies appear at night or inside dark, abandoned buildings Dying Light 2