• The makers of the popular "Suikoden" JRPG franchise are back for a new game
  • The game, "Eiyuden Chronicle," also boasts of a massive roster of characters
  • Famed video game producer Koji Igarashi shows his full support to the developers

“Eiyuden Chronicle” is a new ambitious Japanese role-playing game created by the people behind the highly successful “Suikoden” series of JRPGs. This project is helmed by “Suikoden 1” and “Suikoden 2” writer Yoshitaka Murayama and other developers and designers who worked on the popular RPG franchise.

Murayama announced the game last week, but it was only launched on Kickstarter on July 27, IGN reported. The game got so many people excited for it that it reached its goal of $500,000 in crowdfunded money in just two hours.

What's even more interesting is that fans aren't withholding themselves from backing the game even if it will take a while before getting released. The developers are close to getting $1.6 million in crowdfunding at the moment. There are still 31 days to go, indicating that the devs will be able to do the things they planned as stretch goals for the campaign.

Here's a quick look at some of the game's details, as well as the devs' plans for the game based on the funding they received from happy fans.

Eiyuden Chronicle
Two of the highly anticipated game's characters. Eiyuden Kickstarter

The game has 100 playable characters – like “Suikoden”

“Eiyuden Chronicle” features a cast of 100 playable characters and more non-player characters. The developers said this diverse cast features unique personalities and characteristics, all of them intertwined with each other.

It has the classic JRPG look

“Eiyuden Chronicle” features a 2.5D look that combines the beauty of 3D environments and the classic look of 2D sprites. The devs believe that “JRPG fans still crave a classic style JRPG with modern additions” and have designed the game like so.

Now here's a look at some stretch goals that have currently been met:

  • The Journey Begins” – $500,000 – the devs will be able to finish the game for PC
  • A Good Place To Live” – $750,000 – Fortress Town mode is added to the game
  • A War On Many Fronts” – $1 million – the game will be ported to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PS5, and “Nintendo's next-generation console”
  • Culinary Skills Abound” – $1.25 million – a cooking mini-game is added to the game
  • Another Chance” – $1.5 million – new Game Plus is added to the game

Famed video game producer Koji Igarashi, of “Bloodstained” and “Castlevania” fame, gave his full support to the developers and urged players to back “Eiyuden Chronicle.”