• From Software has not yet revealed the official release date of “Elden Ring”
  • Fans are waiting for the announcement from Bandai Namco Entertainment and From Software on when “Elden Ring” would make an appearance
  • It is possible that “Elden Ring” may re-introduce Classes, according to a new report

There are many things that fans would like to learn about “Elden Ring” following the official announcement that From Software did at E3 2019. However, information about the upcoming open-world action-adventure game went dark for several months. But, this doesn’t mean that there is the absence of information related to the much-awaited game.

Elden Ring” Classes

The latest information about “Elden Ring” comes from the gaming site Gamerant. Recently, the site released a report toying with the idea that the upcoming game could potentially reintroduce Classes. It also detailed the ways on how From Software could do this to “Elden Ring.”

According to the site, titles developed by From Software usually feature classes. “Dark Souls,” for instance, enables players to enjoy opportunities and start the game as a Depraved and enjoy the journey as a Cleric. The game comes with soft-capped faith stat and miracles over various deviations, the report explained. According to the site, if the game developer sticks to its history of introducing classes as a manner of beginning the game, it could mean great things to “Elden Ring.”

Leaked Image Reveals 'Elden Ring' Release Date, Appearance On TGA 2019 Leaked Image Reveals 'Elden Ring' Release Date, Appearance On TGA 2019 Photo: Instacodez

The site previously reported about the possibility of “Elden Ring” introducing Kingdom. If it combines Classes with Kingdom, it allows players to have a broader sense of freedom, as noted by the site. It could also attract the interest of fans of the previous titles released by From Software.

“Elden Ring” Launch Platform

During the official announcement of “Elden Ring” From Software revealed that it would be released on PC, Xbox One and PS4. However, there are some whispers online claiming that the upcoming title could also be released on next generation gaming consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series. The idea stems from the scarcity or even absence of news about “Elden Ring” from the game developer.

The game has been in development for a couple of years already. It is possible that From Software and Bandai Namco Entertainment are developing the game so it would be available when the next generation gaming consoles release sometime in the holiday of 2020. While these details about the “Elden Rings” seem exciting, it is important to note that these are not official. In other words, it is safer to take this information with a good measure of salt and with skepticism.