• The Giant's Seal increases the potency of Fire Giant and Fire Monk incantations
  • Flame Grant Me Strength significantly increases the power of all fire damage
  • The Flock's Canvas Talisman and Fire Scorpion Charm work very well with this build 

Faith builds in “Elden Ring” have a bit more flexibility in terms of what sort of damage players want to deal. The myriad of flame incantations, in particular, can be very powerful if players can build their characters correctly.

Like the pyromancy builds in the “Dark Souls” trilogy, flame incantations in “Elden Ring” can deal extremely high burst damage thanks to stacking buffs from items and other spells. Here’s an example of an endgame pyromancer build in “Elden Ring” that players can take to NG+ and beyond.

Recommended Gear

The most important part of any Faith build is the seal of choice, which will dictate the effectiveness of incantations across the board. For this build, we recommend the Giant’s Seal as it boosts the damage on some of the hardest-hitting flame incantations in the game.

The Giant’s Seal can be found in the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave in the Mountaintops of the Giants. This area can be reached by going to the Giant’s Gravepost Site of Grace and riding along the cliffside to the west.

This seal boosts the effectiveness of Fire Giant and Fire Monk incantations by approximately 20%. Pair this with any weapon that scales off of Faith like the Devourer’s Scepter.

The Devourer's Scepter and Beast Champion armor in Elden Ring
The Devourer's Scepter and Beast Champion armor in Elden Ring Elden Ring


The incantations of choice for this build fall under the Fire Giant and Fire Monk categories. Fire Giant incantations can be acquired from several sources. Players will want to get the Fire Giant Prayerbook at the Guardian’s Garrison in the mountains as well as the Flame of the Fell God incantation from Malefactor’s Evergaol in Liurnia.

Fire Monk incantations can be learned by getting the Fire Monk’s Prayerbook that’s also in Liurnia. It can be found on a corpse in the southern portion of the map, by a Fire Monk camp.

Use the following incantations for maximum effect:

  • Flame of the Fell God
  • Burn, O Flame!
  • Giant’s Flame Take Thee
  • Catch Flame
  • Flame Grant Me Strength

Use Flame Grant Me Strength to buff all physical and fire damage before unleashing the other incantations to deal as much damage as possible per cast.

Stat Distribution

Try to reach at 70 Faith to deal the most damage with incantations while also increasing VIG, END and one secondary stat for a weapon of choice.

Keep in mind that Flame of the Fell God requires 41 FAI despite being acquired very early in the game.