• Death's Poker can be obtained by defeating the Death Rite Bird in Caelid
  • The boss can be defeated easily with long-range weapons
  • Mighty Shot can be used even without any FP left

The Death’s Poker is an intelligence-scaling greatsword that has seen a huge spike in popularity in the “Elden Ring” community due to the recent update.

Since the big nerf to the Sword of Night and Flame in Patch 1.03, players in “Elden Ring” have started looking for other weapons to break the game with. The Death’s Poker has more or less replaced the legendary sword as the go-to pick for players who want an overpowered character very early in the game.

This greatsword drops from one of the Death Rite Birds that can be fought in certain locations around The Lands Between. The one that drops the Death’s Poker is in Caelid, near the Southern Aeonia Swamp Site of Grace.

The location of the Death Rite Bird in South Caelid
The location of the Death Rite Bird in South Caelid Elden Ring

Like everything else in Caelid, this Death Rite Bird is very lethal, especially against low-level characters. However, this boss can be cheesed with relative ease so long as players have some sort of ranged weapon, preferably a bow or a crossbow.

The boss can be found near a cliff to the east of the Site of Grace mentioned above. Players can make their way to the top of this cliff and shoot the Death Rite Bird with arrows until it falls. This is best done using a bow with the Mighty Shot Ash of War as it greatly increases the damage of even standard arrows and it can be used even after the player is out of FP.

None of the Death Rite Bird’s attacks can reach the player on the cliff. Occasionally, the boss will shoot out black fireballs towards the player. Simply take a few steps back to avoid all of these.

Once the bird is dead, players will receive the Death’s Poker in their inventory.

The weapon requires 15 STR, 17 DEX and 11 INT to use. Its unique Ash of War, Ghostflame Ignition, can be followed up with a light or heavy attack. The light attack is especially powerful as it ignites the ground, which can continuously deal damage to anything standing on the flames.

A single cast of Ghostflame Ignition can kill Margit if the Death’s Poker is sufficiently upgraded.