• Blood Loss damage scales off a target's max HP
  • Arcane's value grows considerably once players reach the endgame
  • Fast attacks can make triggering Blood Loss much easier

Bleed builds are extremely powerful in “Elden Ring” because of their ability to deal damage based on a target’s maximum HP. This makes Blood Loss procs one of the best tools to use against high-health targets, especially bosses.

Builds that rely on bleed effects can be effective in the early game, but when it comes to the later stages, such builds can be borderline-overpowered even against other players.

Recommended Gear

Any build that uses status effects greatly benefits from weapons that can inflict multiple hits as quickly as possible. This gives the build a bit of flexibility when it comes to weapon choice. Twinblades, dual daggers and katanas are all viable choices.

Rivers of Blood is especially powerful for bleed builds as of the 1.03 patch. However, players who prefer a more aggressive and FP-free option can consider using dual twinblades for their fast moveset and powerful jumping attack.

The Reduvia dagger is also a good backup weapon for players who want to keep a mid-ranged projectile option handy.

The Claw Talisman synergizes well with playstyles that rely on jump attacks, while Millicent’s Prosthesis is a good all-around choice for DEX builds.

The Rivers of Blood blade's Corpse Piler skill - Elden Ring
The Rivers of Blood blade's Corpse Piler skill Elden Ring

Ashes of War

For non-special weapons, the Seppuku Ash of War is the best option for buffing bleed damage to make Blood Loss proc more frequently. Keep in mind that this skill can be applied to both weapons if players are dual-wielding, and it can significantly increase the bleed build-up rate on targets if they are hit with both weapons.

Stat Distribution

The build primarily uses DEX-based weapons because they have the fastest movesets. When leveling a fresh character, prioritize pumping points into DEX then VIG or END. Lastly, pour points into ARC to increase bleed damage.

ARC is last on the priorities list because it does not contribute much outside of boss fights. Players are better off relying more on raw damage early in the game to make general combat easier.

Ideally, players should have at least 40 DEX and 40 ARC by the later stages of the game. Remember that Blood Loss deals damage based on a target’s maximum health, which means ARC will technically be a more worthwhile investment later in the game than DEX because of how weapon scaling works.

Bleed builds are especially strong in NG+ and beyond as Blood Loss damage will be able to keep up with higher enemy HP pools.