• Players must defeat Rennala at Liurnia before they can respec their characters
  • Each respec costs one Larval Tear
  • Larval Tears can be found around the world as monster drops, loot or merchandise

Proper allocation of stat points is very important in games like “Elden Ring.” Casually dropping points everywhere can make for a very poor experience, but luckily, there’s a way to go around this.

Like other RPGs, there is a way to reallocate stat points in “Elden Ring.” This will let anyone fix their early builds or try out completely new ones down the road. The game doesn’t immediately tell players how to do this, but it’s rather hard to miss so long as players remain curious.

To unlock the respect feature, players need to travel to Liurnia of the Lakes and defeat Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, at the Raya Lucaria Grand Library.

This might sound daunting at first, but Rennala is arguably the easiest out of the five Shardbearer bosses. She rarely attacks during her first phase and can be easily staggered during the second half of the fight. Fast weapons are great for this boss battle, but literally anything will be enough to beat her.

After the fight, both the player and Rennala will be teleported back to the main library room. From this point on, she will become a friendly NPC who can respect the player’s stats at any time. The only caveat here is that players will need to find Larval Tears, which they need to give to Rennala in exchange for her service.

These items are somewhat rare and they are limited in quantity. Players will only be able to respec a certain number of times per playthrough, so be careful when deciding if a build is working or not.

Larval Tears can be found as drops from specific enemies and they are sometimes sold by merchants out in the wild. One such merchant is hidden in Nokron via the Siofra entrance. Climb the scaffolding under one of the arches in the middle area and follow the path that leads to a cave behind the waterfall.

Another tear can be obtained by fighting a Runebear disguised as a soldier near the Agheel South Lake Grace. Head directly east of the Site of Grace and jump up the rocky outcrop to reach the soldier.

Plenty more Larval Tears can be in the upper part of Nokron, which can be accessed after Radahn is defeated.

A lesser Runebear can be found disguised as a soldier at this location - Elden Ring
A lesser Runebear can be found disguised as a soldier at this location Elden Ring