• Target will slash prices by half on select video games next week
  • Game availability depends on the store and quantity on hand
  • The sale covers “Madden NFL 21,” “FIFA 21,” “UFC 4,” “Immortals: Fenyx Rising” and “The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim”

The holidays are over, and most gamers have likely enjoyed price-off deals for their favorite video games during Black Friday and other holiday sales. But while this is usually the time of the year when retailers would hold off on sales, Target is giving gamers another chance to grab titles they want to add to their collection for half the price.

Target will be holding a 50% off sale covering hundreds of different games across different systems, according to Twitter user Wario64.

However, it should be noted that the games up for grabs are only those meant for older game consoles. Regardless, it should be a good offer to consider, particularly for the ones who have yet to secure the Xbox Series X/S or the PlayStation 5.

Among the games covered by the Target sale, based on the tweet, are “Madden NFL 21,” “FIFA 21,” “UFC 4,” “Immortals: Fenyx Rising” and “The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.”

It remains to be seen what the full list of Target’s big sale would include. But this early, the games that will be available for half off are pretty tempting.

For PS4 owners, this could be a great chance to secure a copy of “The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.” Getting it at only half the retail price is tempting, especially for the ones who have yet to purchase an official copy or missed past price-off deals.

Nintendo Switch owners who have been yearning for “The World Ends With You” may have the best chance to get the JRPG. It was originally released for the Nintendo DS before being ported to the Switch.

While some would have loved it if games for the current-gen game consoles had gotten something similar, this will have to do. Also, it may be worth considering that with a lot of consumers shifting to the new game consoles, Target may be cleaning house to make room for games for the Xbox Series S/X and the PlayStation 5.

It should be noted as well that the video games will vary in stores and online. Quantities will be limited so it may be best to monitor the sale closely next week.

Skyrim Elder Scrolls game
Fans believe "The Elder Scrolls VI" is already in full production. Bethesda