• "Elder Scrolls Online" players will enjoy the new Endeavors system that is set to be implemented in June
  • The Endeavors system challenges players to fulfill tasks in order to receive rewards
  • Crown Crate payout will depend on how much of the new currency Seals of Endeavor a player has acquired

Bethesda is reportedly prepping for another big update, and it is something that “Elder Scrolls Online” players will like. Loot box items are hard to come by in the game, and acquiring them usually requires paying actual real-world money. But a new system may change all that soon.

The new system “Elder Scrolls Online” is implementing is called the “Endeavors” system. All a player will have to do is complete a daily or weekly task to get rewards, which could be gold, experience or a new currency for “Elder Scrolls Online” called “Seals of Endeavor.”

Players can use this currency to buy loot box or Crown Crate items such as cosmetics, potions, XP scrolls, pets and even rare mounts.

It is also worth noting that the Crown Crate items will vary in terms of cost. Hence, collecting Seals of Endeavor will be a need. The rarer the item, the more expensive it will be. There is no cap on the number of Seals of Endeavor that a player can acquire. They also do not expire and are convertible to gems.

The upcoming update was shown by Bethesda through a preview of Update 30. It is expected to launch in mid-June and will be a free addition to the base game. The tasks are hardly something “Elder Scrolls Online” players will need to get accustomed to since it is no different from their usual course of gameplay.

“The Seal value for individual Crown Crate items differs, so depending on what you want to get, you might need to save up if you wish to acquire an especially rare item,” Bethesda stated.

“You can collect and save Seals for as long as you like, and if there’s nothing that takes your fancy right now, there is no cap to how many Seals you can save for later. Like crowns or gems, Seals of Endeavor are an account-based currency and not specific to any one character,” the statement continued.

This should be a welcome addition for “Elder Scrolls Online” players who are looking to get some goodies without having to pay. The new system should get players to religiously play more for them to compete in the daily and weekly tasks. Stealing items, finishing quests, defeating enemies and crafting items are just some of the ways “Elder Scrolls Online” players can complete Endeavors daily and weekly.

The Elder Scrolls Online The Elder Scrolls Online Photo: Bethesda