• "Elder Scrolls: Online" adds Antiquities system to keep players busy
  • "Elder Scrolls: Online" encourages players to return to old places they visited before
  • "Elder Scrolls: Online" Antiquities system is more of a puzzle than action-based enhancement

The COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped game developers from releasing patches or updates as scheduled and that includes "Elder Scrolls: Online." But it appears that all that has settled down over at Bethesda Studios with plans to release a new feature in the upcoming Greymoor chapter revealed.

The said feature will be an Antiquities system that will entice "Elder Scrolls: Online" players to explore Tamriel and learn more about its history. That includes looking for artifacts in the newest chapter which will be up for release on May 26. Players will need to get a move on and travel a lot to learn more about the heritage of the fictional world of Tamriel. But all will be rewarded for their efforts. Among the items that gamers can expect to get include unique collectibles, treasure, and even powerful Mythic items, Game Rant reported.

To get an idea, the "Elder Scrolls: Online" Antiquities system will feature two new mini-games. These are Scrying and Excavation which help a player find and retrieve hidden objects once combined. Per the lead designer of the new system, Michael Schroeder, this was designed to be a puzzle-based system rather than an action-based itinerary for gamers. Regardless, he feels that it could benefit all players, something that could also give them a reason to return to a place they may have already come across in the past.

Though it appears that the new system focuses on Tamriel, Schroeder explained that it covers western Skyrim as well. Some "Elder Scrolls: Online" players may do well to travel back and skim the areas they went through before, allowing them to get some items and discover places they may have overlooked in the past.

Puzzle-solving may not entirely appeal to most but "Elder Scrolls: Online" players may consider it more of a challenge. It helps enrich their knowledge and understanding of the many regions of the game, not to mention getting some unique items they never saw before. Greymoor follows the Elseweyr chapter, which was part of the disappointing Summerset DLC. Fans are hoping that the new chapter can make up for that with a lot of folks likely to log on since they are holed up at home.

Ironically, the intent of learning more about the history of Tamriel brings to mind the previous post tied up to "Elder Scrolls 6." In that post, it was suggested that deeper character creation that includes race could be more appealing and make the game more enjoyable. It remains to be seen if this new chapter somehow aligns with that idea.

Elder Scrolls Online Bethesda Gaming Studios has not yet revealed any new details about "The Elder Scrolls 6" but fans have various theories about the game's location. Photo: