Eli Roth
Director Eli Roth is teaming up with Netflix for the new original series "Hemlock Grove." Reuters

In 2013, Netflix and horror director Eli Roth will team up to stream a new, original and horrifying series, Hemlock Grove. The slated 13 episodes are based off the book of the same title by Brian McGreevy, who will also be an executive producer.

Even though Netflix has already picked up Hemlock Grove, the book has not been released. Hemlock Grove will hit book stands on March 27. The Barnes and Noble site description says that the Gothic novel is inspired by the iconic characters of our greatest myths and nightmares.

According to the plot overview, a young girl's body is found in the woods of Hemlock Grove, Pennsylvania, prompting a manhunt. The twist is that authorities are not sure if it's a man that they are looking for. Could the killer be a biological experiment gone wrong, a high school student named Peter who told classmates he's a werewolf, or Roman, an adolescent social scene king?

The show is set to star Famke Janssen of Nip/Tuck and X-Men fame, and Bill Skarsgard, the younger brother of True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard. Janssen has been cast as Olivia, grand dame of Hemlock Grove and mother to Roman, who will be played by Skarsgard.

Ted Sarandos, Netflix's Chief Content Officer, told Market Watch that Eli Roth is a master of this genre and Brian McGreevy's brilliant novel gives Roth a world where he can create his magic. Who will be interested in this new book and show? 'Hemlock Grove' is a sly blend of J.D. Salinger and Mary Shelley and will appeal to a broad base of fans captivated by these rich characters and stunning visuals, says Sarandos.

Eli Roth, the mind behind the frightening Hostel franchise, is equally excited about the upcoming project. I've been waiting for years to dive into television, says the director. Brian McGreevy's novel blew me away, and the material lends itself perfectly to long format storytelling. 'Hemlock Grove' is smart, Dark, complex and at times terrifying.

Hemlock Grove is one of Netflix's upcoming original content. The streaming service will also be distributing new episodes of cult favorite Arrested Development, as well as the new Kevin Spacey-David Fincher thriller, House of Cards.