• Elimobile’s telco will use the $ELITE token
  • The telco has two standout offers: an NFT marketplace and the Elisium Platform
  • The Elisium Platform recruits influencers to bring in exclusive digital content

Polygon-based ecosystem Elite Token, which unites the mobile industry, metaverse, influencers, NFTs and Play2Earn, has announced its partnership with Elimobile to launch its first-ever telco that uses blockchain and tokenization.

In a statement released Monday, Mario Colabufo, CEO and Founder of Elite Token and CEO of Elimobile SPA said, “Elimobile is the first telco to enable the use of crypto tokens and celebrity created NFTs for payment. This marks an unprecedented, pioneering development in European telecommunications."

Elite Token founder and stock market billionaire Gianluca Vacchi said that the immense potential for the use of blockchain technology in the telco space is self-evident.

"Our tokens will enable an entire ecosystem of continually evolving content, creativity, and exclusive social interaction," Vacchi said.

The Elisium Platform recruits influencers on a rolling basis and will bring in exclusive digital content created by a diverse array of Italian celebrities, including entertainment and educational material.

Topics covered by the Elisium Platform range from sex education courses with Veronica Ruggeri and insights from Italy’s tech guru Andrea Galeazzi to exclusive video recipes signed by Carlo Cracco and a football academy directed by sports star Alessandro Del Piero.

The educational content includes foreign language training, guitar lessons and courses on Microsoft Excel. Services provided by the telco include concierge and travel recommendations of pleasant experiences in the user’s location.

As per the statement, influencers produce content that turns into NFTs for the marketplace. While 60 percent is sold to investors, 20 percent to Elimobile and the remaining to the influencers who created the content, thus including them in the reward system.

The $ELITE token, listed on LBank Exchange, is Elimobile’s official token, to be used for payments and for purchasing NFTs. It will also enable Play2Earn in the metaverse for Elite Token games.

Elimobile will develop into a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) and use two more tokens: $EGOV for governance, and Elicoin for utility as well as purchasing exclusive content, virtual masterclasses, and live experiences.

Critics say NFTs are essentially worthless
Critics say NFTs are essentially worthless AFP / Justin TALLIS