Elon Musk is a talent at many things, but his artistic ability is off the charts.

Musk, Tesla CEO, recently used his fine art skills to introduce Tesla owners, or maybe possible new customers, to the new Tesla sketch pad. Musk tweeted a photo he had drawn of a unicorn, apparently with gas, in a mythical land of rainbows and smiley faces, with a Tesla, collecting the unicorns excess gas for energy. As well as an adapted Mona Lisa. “Made today on Tesla sketch pad,” read the tweet.

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The sketch pad is the latest hidden feature of the new software update V8.1, the newest version of V8 that was released in waves starting back in September. The new update started rolling out to users in North America on Wednesday and the sketch pad is available in the standard vehicles with the Tesla touch screen.

The screen is usually for controlling interior temperature, showing navigation, opening the sunroof etc., but is easily turned into a sketch pad.

The Tesla sketch pad can be accessed in the touch screen of the car by tapping the “T” on the screen three times Musk had tweeted before revealing his masterpiece. Once users create their works using the virtual markers and erasers, they can choose to hit "publish" and will be asked "Are you sure want Tesla to critique your artistic masterpiece?," according to Forbes.

If this picture looks familiar to you, it may be because Musk tweeted it back in February printed on a mug of his, according to Business Insider. The mug is online and available for purchase for $28.