Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder Elon Musk will hold a town-hall meeting with Twitter employees on Thursday over his potential $44 billion purchase of the social media platform.

The news comes via an email from Twitter CEO Parang Agrawal to employees, as first reported by Business Insider. A spokesperson for the company also confirmed the news, according to The Guardian.

Musk, who is worth $215.1 billion, will answer questions from the company's employees. Some of them initially expressed negative reactions to his potential ownership of the platform.

These employees will submit questions for Musk before the meeting takes place. It will be the first time he will address employees at Twitter outside of executives since he offered to buy the platform and Twitter accepted.

Musk's plan to purchase the company appears to be going forward despite a lawsuit from shareholders and conflicts over Twitter's use of bots. If the deal goes through as is, it could take around six months before Musk becomes the official owner of Twitter, according to The Verge.

However, some believe that Musk, 50, might scrap the deal entirely or try to renegotiate the terms. They point to his more recent actions, including his obsession with the number of bot, fake, and spam accounts on Twitter.

Twitter reportedly provided the South African-born entrepreneur with data on these accounts to ease his concerns. The social media platform said it remains committed to holding up its end of the deal.

Musk is also one of the company's biggest critics, regularly using Twitter to slam the platform, particularly its moderation policies. The latest case involves Twitter considering a ban the controversial account Libs of TikTok from its platform.

The account recently caught heat for revealing the location of a gay pride event in Idaho. Police then arrested 31 Patriot Front members who were on their way to start a riot at the event. In response to the potential ban of the account, Musk came to the defense of the right-wing group.

Elon Musk is due to address Twitter employees over his takeover bid
Elon Musk is due to address Twitter employees over his takeover bid TED Conferences, LLC via AFP / Ryan Lash