Ember mug
Ember's new mug that keeps drinks at preferred temperature now sold a Starbucks. Ember Technologies

Ember Technologies recently released a fancy mug to keep your coffee or tea at your preferred temperature for hours, which you can buy at Starbucks.

The leak-proof, portable mug keeps your drink at the temperature you want for up to two hours or all day if it’s connected to its charging coaster.

The fancy mug has a sleek black look and has no buttons or with complicated instructions to keep your drink warm. The temperature is featured on the mug’s lit display and coffee lovers just need to rotate the dial on the bottom of the mug to the temperature they want. Ember say its design allows consumer feel like they’re drinking from a ceramic mug with its “perfect lip interface and a 360° drinking experience.”

The mug can also be controlled by Ember’s smartphone or smartwatch app. With the app, you can adjust the temperature remotely, choose and save temperature presets for different drinks and allows you to name your mug.

The Ember mug is the first of its kind and it costs $149.95.

“The release of the Ember mug is seven years in the making. I started Ember to solve a simple yet universal challenge faced by coffee and tea drinkers everywhere - how can I keep my hot beverage at the ideal temperature for as long as I want,” said Ember Technologies Founder and CEO Clay Alexander in a press release.

Ember's new mug that keeps drinks at preferred temperature now sold a Starbucks. Ember Technologies

Ember notes on its website the average serving temperature for coffee is 160 degrees fahrenheit, yet the average preferred drinking temperature is around 135 degrees fahrenheit.

“We put so much effort into making that perfect cup of coffee, so why do we go and pour it into a paper cup or mug only to end up with a coffee that’s scalding hot or lukewarm?” Alexander, who has a background in thermoscience, said in a promo.

The Ember has a stainless steel inner vessel, patented microprocessor controlled heating system and the mug’s lid has a push to open mechanism. The Ember mug comes with a charging coaster and high capacity battery, and was designed by Ammunition Group, the same people that designed the Beats by Dre headphones.

The mugs are sold at Starbucks stores (check map to see which ones) and the Ember and Starbucks websites.