NASA has successfully launched the space shuttle Endeavour into orbit for its final flight. Everything went as planned for NASA as it launched the Endeavour from the Kennedy Space Center at approximately 8:56 am eastern for its 25th and final mission. As of 9:10 am Eastern, main Engine Cutoff confirmed - space shuttle Endeavour is in space to begin a 16-day mission.

The mission's crew, headed by Commander Mark Kelly, husband of congress woman Gabrielle Giffords who was nearly shot to death earlier this year, will deliver the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) and spare parts including two S-band communications antennas, a high-pressure gas tank and additional spare parts for Dextre.

The mission will last 16 days and will include four space walks and a trip to the International Space Station. The crew will also be responsible for maintenance work and installing new components.