Enjoy live streaming of London fest on your iProduct, courtesy iTunes
iTunes Festival in London AppleGuider

Music fans in Australia can now watch live performances from the iTunes Festival in London without buying a ticket.

The iTunes Festival is now in its fifth year and will run from July 1 to July 31 at the Roundhouse performing arts centre in London, with acts ranging from Coldplay to Linkin Park.

Sixty-two artists including Arctic Monkeys, the Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Linkin Park and Duran Duran will perform in the iTunes Festival for over 31 nights.

Apple on Tuesday said performances from the festival will be streamed in high definition on the iPad, the iPhone, the iPod touch and on iTunes via its free app for
the festival.

Performances will be available on demand, but the company did not mention how long they would remain available, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Stream Music fans can also buy live performances from artists on iTunes.