It has been over four years since the finale of the HBO series “Entourage,” but the gang will finally be back Wednesday when the feature film hits theaters. However, for the movie to find the drama (no pun intended), it will have to poke some holes in the rather happy ending the show gave its characters in 2011. Where did the series leave off in the Season 8 finale?

Let’s start with the star – Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier). The actor, who had spent most of the final season trying to stay clean and reboot his career after a stint in rehab, found love in the last episode. After spending 24 hours with Vanity Fair reporter Sophia (Alice Eve), he got engaged and planned a very impromptu wedding in Paris. However, before jetting off to live happily ever after, the movie star helped give his friends happy endings as well.

The biggest drama (again, no pun intended) of the final episode was the news that Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui), E’s (Kevin Connolly) on again, off again girlfriend, was pregnant with his baby. Unfortunately the news came during one of the couple’s not-so-great moments and it was up to Vince to convince Sloan to give his best friend a second chance. E was planning on quitting the entertainment business and moving back to Queens, but in the episode’s final scene, Vince surprised E with a private jet to take Sloan anywhere in the world to work out their differences.

Meanwhile, Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) had spent the season trying to break out on his own, investing in an upstart tequila company called Avión. After losing his girlfriend, whose father had given Turtle a marketing position at Avión, he sold his stock just as the company took off. Luckily, Vince, knowing his friend had made a mistake, secretly bought all of Turtle’s shares back for him. The driver was now a millionaire!

Drama (Kevin Dillon), on the other hand, ended on his most successful season ever, voicing the lead role in a popular animated series, “Johnny’s Bananas,” and earning the starring role in Vince’s miner movie. The loyal brother was on hand at the end of the episode to accompany Vince to Paris for his wedding, eager to find a French fling while in town.

And then there was Ari (Jeremy Piven). Facing a divorce, the career-obsessed agent quit his agency in a shocking move to dedicate himself to his family. After saying an emotional goodbye to Lloyd (Rex Lee), he takes off for Italy with his wife (Perrey Reeves). However, in a post-credits scene, he was offered a job as the head of a studio, leaving a huge cliffhanger for the movie to resolve.

Will Ari return to Hollywood? Will Vince and Sophia live happily ever after? Fans will find out Wednesday when “Entourage” premieres in theaters nationwide.

Watch the trailer for “Entourage” below: