Epic Games released a new content update to “Fortnite” battle royale and added a new silenced assault rifle to the game. Unfortunately, the developer also removed a feature from the Nintendo Switch version of “Fortnite.”

After the content update rolled out yesterday to “Fortnite” battle royale, players on the Nintendo Switch noticed something that’s been removed from the game. The content update removed the ability to capture 30-second clips of gameplay. The video capture feature, which was added to the Nintendo Switch last October, is a very important feature to a lot of “Fortnite” players since the game’s replay feature isn’t available on the console.

A lot of “Fortnite” players on the Switch went to the game’s subreddit and complained that it may have been a bug since it wasn’t included in Epic’s official patch notes, as pointed out by Kotaku. However, Epic Games has now confirmed that it intentionally removed the video capture feature from the Nintendo Switch version.

“You may have noticed we’ve disabled the Video Capture feature on Nintendo Switch as of the v5.40.2 client update,” community coordinator Sean Hamilton said on Reddit. “This was done for performance and stability reasons as we’ve been seeing a high rate of Out of Memory related crashes. Disabling this feature saves a significant amount of RAM while also having a positive effect on overall performance across the board.”

Hamilton has also informed players that the official patch notes for the v5.40.2 client update has been updated to include the removal of the video capture feature from the Nintendo Switch version of “Fortnite.” He also said that Epic Games is currently considering the possibility of bringing video capture as an optional feature in the future. However, he noted that it will still take a hit at the game’s performance on the console.

“Fortnite” isn’t the only game on the Nintendo Switch that has disabled the video capture feature. A number of titles have already disabled it due to the same reasons, as pointed out by Nintendo Life.

With the video capture feature on the Nintendo Switch disabled on “Fortnite,” there’s no way for players to share clips of their gameplay online. On other platforms, this hasn’t been an issue and “Fortnite” even offers a replay feature that is able to save entire matches.

Meanwhile, the latest content update for “Fortnite” battle royale introduced a silenced version of the SCAR assault rifle, which is only available in epic and legendary variants. The new weapon is stealthy and can cause significant damage if players are able to aim accurately. Unfortunately, Epic also vaulted the drum gun SMG and it is no longer available to use in-game.