Etsy, the online craft marketplace, is looking to crack down on drug paraphernalia, according to Mashable. Transactions of those pertaining to the sale of drug-related culture and content will be prohibited, in an update that has gone live on the site. An updated list of Etsy's prohibited items can be found on their official site.

Joining alcohol, live animals, human remains (and body parts) will be "drugs, medical drug claims about an item, drug paraphernalia." The website has also banned the selling of poisonous materials or items containing hazardous materials. For those looking to buy hair and teeth on the website, don't worry, you can still buy human teeth, for the relatively low price of $18.95.

User RareDaisyJewelry said: "So my very feed back is against the rules? In my feedback, I've got customers who claim my weight loss bracelets were effective, my energy bracelets worked wonders and I've got 23 fertility customers who've reported conception."

An Etsy moderator commented on the change, saying, "It's not the product that isn't OK, but it is exactly this type of wording that is against the rules. In other words, RareDaisyJewelry and similar sellers will now have to sell their items as bracelets, not cures."

The exact phrasing of the new rule is, as follows: "We have clarified the previous language from 'drug-like substances' to now be 'medical drug claims about an item.' A medical drug claim makes a correlation between a product and the cure or relief of a health condition or illness. In many cases, an item itself is not problematic, but the way it is presented with certain language is against this policy."

Sellers will not be penalized, however; Etsy moderators admit it will take some time to notify all sellers of items that are prohibited.