Eva Mendes arrives for a gala dinner in Rome July 7, 2007. Reuters/Dario Pignatelli

Eva Mendes shared her fitness and beauty tips with fans when she hosted a Facebook Q&A session Wednesday. The actress' advice included some practical and DIY (do it yourself) methods, reports E! News.

The "Place Beyond the Pines" star said that using simple techniques, such as “coconut oil on a damp washcloth,” are great and organic ways to remove makeup. Mendes admitted that she’s a big fan of coconut oil: "I'm also on the coconut oil bandwagon. I use it all over." Her advice for people with oily skin is to use witch hazel.

Surprisingly, the "Hitch" actress utilizes the shower’s steam to set her makeup. "Believe it or not, after I've applied my makeup, if I really want it to stay all day, I run the hot shower for a minute and I let the steam settle my makeup. I know it sounds weird but it works for me!"

When it comes to working out, Mendes revealed that she’s not the type to be in the gym every day. Her fitness regimen consists of cardio and light weights at least three times a week. In the April issue of Women’s Health, the actress said she prefers light routines because her muscles bulks up easily. “I mix it up with yoga, or sometimes I'll hike with my trainer."

The actress also shared a makeup secret she learned from her mother: "When applying blush or rouge of any kind, don't skip your nose. Make sure you apply it a little bit across your nose as well. It makes for a more natural, sun-kissed look." As for the blush, Mendes uses one from her own line, "Circa Beauty."

It seems that being an actress, director and doting mom is not enough for her: Mendes is also an entrepreneur, with her own fashion collection and makeup line. She has partnered with New York & Company, with which the Eva Mendes Collection was launched in September 2013. Both announced that they have extended their collaboration until 2019, reports MarketWatch.