Get ready “EVERSPACE” fans! Two major content updates are arriving this week. One is the first major content update that is finally arriving on Xbox One and the Windows 10 Store. The other is the second major content update that is slated for release on Steam and GOG.

On Tuesday, ROCKFISH Games released its official press release via Gamasutra to announce the release of the two major updates. A new gameplay trailer featuring the Colonial Gunship and the Colonial Scout has also been uploaded on the developer’s official YouTube channel.

Per the press release, the Colonial Scout is the additional player ship players can unlock. Compared to the Colonial Interceptor, the Scout has better maneuverability and a higher top speed. Also, because of its smaller form factor, pilots can easily dash through asteroid fields or even maneuver inside large structures. Despite its incredible design, the Scout’s hull is described to be fairly weak, so even light collisions could mean the death of the space pilot.

On the other hand, the Colonial Gunship is the third player ship. It comes with lots of firepower and is said to sport a massive hull. Players who are looking forward to this ship should take note that it is not quite agile and it does not have a shield generator. Nevertheless, it is equipped with a lot of weapons that include a fusion blaster, a flak cannon, heavy missiles, scanning probes, cluster mines, combat drones and a Gatling turret that is upgradable.

Over the weekend, Windows Central already reported that a new major update is coming to the single-player space shooter. The site was referring to the second major content update that actually brings new planet types, new points of interest, more structures, a new type of enemy and stability improvements for the Windows 10 UWP version.

ROCKFISH Games is also introducing a new perk system with this update. The new system divides the Pilot perks from the Ship perks. There are now bonuses that are exclusive to each, so players can progress in the game in more ways than one.