Famous In Love
Here are the things you need to know about Freeform's upcoming series, “Famous in Love.” Freeform

Freeform has released the trailer for its new series, “Famous In Love.” But what is the show about and should you tune in for the upcoming episodes? Here are all the things we know so far about it.

1. The Trailer

The clip introduced the general premise of the series, but there is definitely more to watch out for, especially since it served as just an introduction to the series and its characters.

2. The Plot

People who have read Rebecca Serle's book series will already have an idea about how the story goes. For those who aren't familiar with the young adult novels, the story revolves around Paige. She's a regular college student, who, for fun, auditioned for a movie based on a novel with a cult following titled “Locked.” Much to her surprise, she got the part. She gets the attention of not only the viewers but also her castmates. Paige, being new to the lifestyle, will find it hard to cope and so will her friends.

3. The Cast

The series stars Bella Thorne as Paige. Carter Jenkins plays Rainer Devon, one of Paige's castmates who will find himself falling in love with the new actress. Keith Powers plays Jordan Wilder, another of Paige's castmates who will find himself smitten with her. The series also stars Charlie DePew as Jake, Niki Koss as Alexis, Perrey Reeves as Nina Devon and Mark Valley as Grant Devon.

4. The Production

“Pretty Little Liars” executive producer Marlene King also executive-produced the upcoming “Freeform” series. If the new show will feature crazy plotlines like King's other project, viewers would have to stay tuned to find out. Filming for the series has already started.

5. Premiere Date

A schedule for “Famous in Love” has yet to be announced by Freeform, but it will premiere in April 2017.