Bravo is known for its various successful reality show franchises, including “Real Housewives,” “Southern Charm,” “Vanderpump Rules,” and “Below Deck.” True fans know however that Andy Cohen is the shining star of the network — when he’s not brokering peace between bickering casts at reunion specials, he’s in the Bravo TV clubhouse hosting his own show.

“Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” has become a network staple. On the late night show, Cohen invites celebrities to join him in sipping strong cocktails, playing fun games and throwing shade. The show’s popularity has many fans wondering how they can get a seat in the clubhouse — and maybe even a spot on the infamous shotski!

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Procuring tickets to “WWHL” is no easy task — Cohen himself has commented on what an arduous task it can be. In an episode of “Ask Andy” posted to Bravo’s website, he said it was “a nightmare” to get seats in the clubhouse, revealing that the small audience is generally made up of his close friends and the guests’ crew. Cohen did, however, say that in general, “four seats at least” go to auction winners.

Cohen’s since moved from a tiny 22-seat clubhouse to a slightly larger 50-seat space, meaning more room for hopeful guests. That said, the process for getting tickets doesn’t appear to have gotten any easier. Tickets are, as Cohen said during the “Ask Andy” segment, often available on CharityBuzz but they’re not cheap.

There are currently several “WWHL” ticket auctions on-going on the site. The cheapest of them was, at the time this article was written, going for $500. The most expensive was $2,250.

Another way to win tickets is to keep your eyes peeled for contests on social media. The “WWHL” Facebook and Twitter pages sometimes feature contests, promising tickets to the show to whomever is lucky enough to win. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Tune in to “WWHL” Sunday through Thursday at 11 p.m. EDT on Bravo.