People over 60 who exercise in 6-second bursts will see positive results, a new study revealed. Reuters

Got six seconds? Then you might have time to work out!

Good news for those who struggle to lace up their sneaks and hit the gym: Working out six seconds at a time is beneficial, at least for retirees, researchers at Abertay University in Scotland found. The Daily Mail wrote one-minute bursts of exercise can boost health for over-60s in weeks.

Twelve retired people were put to the test after they were asked to come in twice a week for six weeks to use an exercise bike. The participants, who were all more than 60 years old, would bike for 6-second bursts at high intensity then rest for a minute. The bursts would reportedly increase until the volunteers were doing 10 per session, resulting in a full minute of total exercise.

"The broad message is that you're never too old, too frail, too ill to benefit from exercise, as long as it's carefully chosen," Dr. John Babraj told the BBC. The study showed pensioners reduced their blood pressure by 9 percent, increased their ability to get oxygen to their muscles and found simple day-to-day tasks easier to complete overall.

"A lot of diseases are associated with sedentary behavior -- like cardiovascular disease and diabetes -- but if we can keep people active and functioning then we can reduce the risk,” the doctor said.

Babraj said older people struggle to find time to exercise, but high intensity training, like the workouts the participants in the study did, is easier to fit into schedules.

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