Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr Reuters

Former Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr is revealing how she attains and keeps her beyond-enviable body. There’s no question that it takes mega-confidence to rock the catwalk in barely-there lingerie, especially in front of millions of viewers. And while she is no longer walking the walk for VS, she's still regularly seen on the runway.

So how does Kerr stay in the tip-top shape that makes her feel sexy, confident and runway-ready?

The 31-year-old beauty spoke about her healthy diet and fitness regimen on a live Twitter chat this week, stressing the importance of incorporating fitness into your day. "Having an active daily routine helps. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator [sic]. Walking instead of driving when possible," she said.

Kerr said she trains every day, depending on her schedule. "I try to do at least 20 minutes of yoga or resistance training per day!" When asked about her favorite yoga poses, Kerr said, “I love downward dog, bridge and tree pose.”

In addition to exercising, eating properly is also critical to maintaining peak condition. Kerr said her favorite food is avocado, which has a number of health benefits. As avocadoes are packed with healthy fats, protein, and dietary fiber, their consumption has been associated with “improved overall diet quality, nutrient intake and reduced risk of metabolic syndrome,” according to Medical News Today. Kerr also consumes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and reminds us to “make sure you are drinking enough water.”