EZTV has gone on hiatus. The popular piracy site announced Wednesday it has temporarily ceased uploading torrent files of TV shows, meaning “Game of Thrones” fans will need to find a new site to download their favorite show.

Administrators told TorrentFreak the break in operations is only so they can examine and improve the site's security measures. They say they plan to go through EZTV's code, and will compel some users to re-set their password credentials. New content hasn't been uploaded since Monday, when torrent users flocked to the site to download bootleg copies of “Game of Thrones,” “Mad Men,” “Silicon Valley,” “Veep,” and other must-see shows that air on Sunday night.

“We are not releasing any new content at the moment due to a security audit of all our servers,” an EZTV administrator identified only as Novaking told TorrentFreak. “We just want to put things on hold to see where everything is at and make sure everything is running optimally.”

Piracy sites operate at their best when they have a sizable following, but not so much that they attract unwelcome attention. The scale seemed to tip for EZTV last year in November when it was taken down as part of the Swedish police raid that knocked the Pirate Bay, a much larger and more notorious website, offline. While the Pirate Bay has struggle to make its way back online, though, EZTV returned and before long attracted much of the Pirate Bay's audience.

Since then, EZTV has been blocked by some European Internet Service Providers and lost control of one of its old domains to hackers.