Facebook automatically receives sensitive data gathered by the period, fertility, ovulation and pregnancy tracker, namely MIA Fem and Maya.

Two apps designed to monitor a lady’s period, fertility, ovulation, and pregnancy were reportedly sending to Facebook even the sensitive data that they gather. The reports specifically named MIA Fem period and ovulation tracker and Maya - period, fertility, ovulation & pregnancy apps compromising their users’ privacy

Privacy International, a U.K. based advocacy group released their discovery about the two mentioned trackers and how they are putting the privacy of their female users at risk. Their report suggests that Facebook even received the data about the women’s monthly period timing, swelling cramps and other conditions connected to the hormonal changes as well as their reproductive health.

How It Happened

The sharing of sensitive information happens through Facebook’s Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK is where Facebook and other app developer get the necessary user’s data so that the platform could give promote to them the ads that correspond their need based on the information that they provided.

Information Gathered Without Permission

The report said that Facebook directly receives the data that Maya gathered from its female users even without their approval. Maya asks the unsuspecting user about how she feels, gives suggestions on the possible conditions such as blood pressure, acne or swelling.

The data about users’ mood is important to advertisers. Having the mood data of their users, advertisers are able to post ads that their customers are more likely to buy. In Maya and MIA Fem’s case, they take advantage of the changes that happen to their users as pregnant women tend to change their shopping mood.

What Do MIA Fem and Maya Have To Say

When asked about the allegations, MIA Fem asked for a copy of the report for them to study more about the issue. The app developer further added that they are thinking about a legal action towards Privacy International.

Plackal Tech, Maya owner, denied the allegations saying that they do not share medical or any personally identifiable data with Facebook. The company said through an email that Ad SDK helps them earn revenue by displaying ads that their users opt-out by subscribing to Maya’s premium.