Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg listens to a question from the audience in San Francisco
Facebook is getting costlier drastically REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has added another $20 billion to his previous shares worth $50 billion, and now stands at a total of $70 billion.

The Facebook boss’s drastic jump is due to the investments from GSV Capital. The group has bought about 225,000 shares at $29.28 per share, and has spent $6,587,500 in total. The total addition made to all of Facebook’s stocks produces a net figure of $70 billion.

Zuckerberg, 27, being the chief shareholder in the company, his value has also risen considerably with pace, and now amounts to about $18 billion. This amount, however, is only on papers and is different from the amount that he has in bank.

If the Facebook boss is to sell all his shares, he can easily be the third richest technology guy in the world, trailing just behind Microsoft’s Bill Gates ($56 billion) and Oracle’s Larry Elison ($39.5 billion).

Zuckerberg, however, with that, will go past Google’s Larry Page and Brin ($17 billion), the Geek reported.