Facebook has celebrated its sixth anniversary by rolling out several new features and a redesign of its home page.

The new features include a Photos dashboard that allows users to browse recent photos of all their friends from one page, and a Chat with Friends feature that shows which of a user's most popular friends are available to chat.

Unlike previous overhauls that focused on visual appeal, the new Facebook changes are more about improving site navigation and placing useful information and links on one side of the Webpage.

The California-based company has also addressed a privacy issue in the Applications dashboard that emerged earlier this week.

Other features provided by the social networking site have been relocated, and users will have to learn how to navigate the new interface.

According to a statement by the company, the Applications Dashboard lets you view the latest applications you and your friends interacted with, as well as discover new applications based on what your friends are using.

The Games Dashboard serves as a dedicated space for games on Facebook where you can interact with games you've recently played and discover new games based on what your friends are playing. On both the Applications and Games Dashboards, you can receive personalized updates to remind you of impending actions, sent directly from the applications.