Fallout 4 Radiation Suit
"Fallout 4" has been a long time coming -- the last numbered Fallout game was 2008's "Fallout 3." Developer-publisher Bethesda set the Internet on fire in June, with its video announcement of "Fallout 4." It remains the most popular gaming video on YouTube from 2015. Bethesda

The newest in the SPECIAL video series has arrived, and it will be “Fallout 4” players prepare themselves and their charisma when the game hits. While some people may think that charisma is not the kind of special skill that one would want to have in the wasteland, the video proves otherwise.

The video shows how charisma can let players charm others, even animals, to do what they want. Charisma is also showcased as a talent that is often overlooked, one that involves gaining the trust of other people, which is a lot harder to do in the barren wasteland of “Fallout 4.” It’s also a great way to get out of sticky situations, such as being saved from a fork in the eye.

This is already the fourth of the SPECIAL video series. There are a total of seven, corresponding to the seven S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes that a player can have, GameSpot reported. The videos for Strength, Perception and Endurance have already been revealed over at the official YouTube channel of Bethesda Softworks.

Developer Bethesda has also given a few points about the game. In an interview with Express, Bethesda hinted that it is planning something specifically for its Karma system. However, the developer did not expound on the details for this. One key point in “Fallout 4” is the subject of choices given to players. Bethesda’s Pete Hines stated that players will be given a variety of choices, sometimes difficult ones, but the developer is preparing for a way to handle these.

Apart from the Karma system, NPCs will also be interacting with players’ characters. Since “Fallout 4” has the most recorded number of dialogues in the franchise, even NPCs will have dialogues and conversations. But interestingly, the dialogues are dubbed as real-time. What this means is that players can either stop the conversation by walking away or even killing that NPC.

“Fallout 4”is coming in Nov. 10. It will debut on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, with all platform confirmed for mod support. Bethesda has also confirmed post-launch support and updates, both paid and free, to enhance the experience of the game.

"Fallout 4" SPECIAL system on Charisma (Credit: YouTube/Bethesda Softworks)